Golf possibilities in the Bodrum area

Turkey was once an undiscovered golf destination in Europe, but in the last 10-15 years, Turkey has gone from being a virtually unknown golf destination to what might be Europe's hottest golf travel destination.

Belek in the south and near Antalya, for only a decade ago was in sleepy backwater, is today a veritable golf mecca, and there is almost no tour operator that does not have golf trips there. Today, there are 14 luxury golf resorts that are aligned along the sea.

Belek is almost nothing of the real Turkey but has fully accessible for tourist spirited golfers. Belek lack was Bodrum has, namely charming authentic atmosphere, and this in a stunningly beautiful part of Turkey that largely feels like the Mediterranean from the old days.

Bodrum is often called "Turkey's St. Tropez" and boasts an impressive variety of restaurants and entertainment.

Bodrum with its peninsula is a very fascinating part of Turkey and Bodrum are now taking up the fight for golf to offer tourists/residents a complete experience.

The region is a magnet for Turkey's rich and famous and the summer is the archipelago full of yachts and "the beautiful people". The peninsula is lined with small fishing villages where restaurants line up to waterfront. Many modern marinas have been added, and there is a large archipelago.

The next golf projects in the area will have short driving distance to Bodrum Airport. It has over 9,500 hectars at its disposal.

Today, there are 3 golf courses, see more below. But it has already been planned for a larger number of golf resorts just north of the peninsula and at a comfortable distance from the airport.
We will come back with news as the projects proceed.

Bodrum Golf and Tennis Club which offers golf and tennis.
Located near Ortakent on the peninsula, this course is perfect for those who would like to play a little golf between the beaches and sightseeing.
Vita Park Golf Resort has two 18-hole facilities, one with the name
, par-71, 5,850-meter runway and one named Halikarnas, par-71, 6,480-meter runway with adjacent driving range and golf academy.

Existing, planned and proposed golf courses attracts real estate investors and vacation buyers to Bodrum. Turkish Golf Federation has plans to build another 100 golf courses to the 20 that already exist in the whole of Turkey.

Turkey intends to use this billion dollar industry and will compete mainly against Spain, and the Aegean region of Turkey with its magnificent islands, is its secret weapon.

Turkey is become a modern golf and vacation paradise that is rapidly developing as an alternative to golf vacations in Western Europe. As foreign investors, the Turkish government has realized that tourism is an important contributor to the economy.

Coastal resorts from Antalya to Bodrum has developed very sharp increases in tourism, this has transformed small towns into thriving resorts.

Total area of the project is 9 500 hectares. There will be convention centers, golf courses, hotels, villas and apartments. Although one can theoretically build more 50 golf courses but probably it is only realistic with 10 - 15 golf resorts.
Projects will start about 2016 and is currently in the early stages, this will increase the quality even more for the Bodrum area.

There will also be built 5 star luxury between Bodrum airport and Bodrum.