Kadikalesi between Turgutreis och Gumusluk
Kadikalesi is a small Turkish village that unlike its neighbouring resorts has not grown into a town because of mass tourism. It retains its authentic Turkish ambience and life is very much centred on the beach front. The village is surrounded by hills covered with citrus trees and holiday makers who like to explore will enjoy trekking through the beautiful countryside.
The name Kadikalesi comes from a fortress that was prominent in the village during the Ottoman times. The light breeze blowing is a welcome relief in the height of summer for the hundreds of Turks that flock there from the big cities in Turkey. If you are hampering after a look into the traditional way of Turkish life, than Kadikalesi is an ideal choice.
Quiet and nice neighborhood
How to get there
is only four kilometres from the lively resort of Turgutreis. If you want to head to the town of Bodrum from the village, it is 23 km and there is local transport that passes on the main road leading by the resort. From Bodrum airport, the transfer time is less than 1 hour. The village is well signposted on the roads leading up to the entrance. You can catch a dolmus bus, which passes along the main road every 15 minutes or so.
Nightlife and eating out
Nightlife in Kadikalesi is all about relaxing on soft cushions, listening to smooth music and enjoying the company of good friends. If you want a lively nightlife then head to nearby Turgutreis. Restaurants are mainly based around the area of the beach and their menus will be emphasising freshly caught fresh and seafood as well as crisp salads, all to be enjoyed with a bottle of sparkling wine.
Close to nightlife and top restaurants!
Approximate distances to Kadikalesi:
58 km from Milas-Bodrum Airport
22 km from Bodrum
14 km from Yalikavak
4 km from Turgutreis
4 km from Gümüslük

And for more in the way of shopping and sightseeing, Bodrum is 25 minutes’ drive away.
Beach life
Life here tends to revolve around the beach – it’s a curve of gold-dust sand and shingle, lapped by some of the clearest waters going. It’s a magnet for windsurfers thanks to the sea breezes – there are a few watersports huts if you fancy having a go yourself. Backing the beach, you’ll find plenty of authentic tavernas, as well as fish restaurants which serve up the catch of the day with front-row sea views.