Welcome to Türkbükü
Gölköy and Türkbükü is part of the same municipality, but have very different vibes and charm. Located on the northern part of the peninsula, where a large bay conflates the Turkbuku and Gölköy.

Turkey's most popular spot for entertainment and vacations in recent years, which jetsetters from Istanbul / Ankara mixed with international celebrities and stars.

But 20 years ago it was a simple fishing village and was only accessible by a waterfront road. If you walk around here, you can meet famous people from TV, film and really rich coming with their big yachts. They often come here, some have a summer house in Göltürkbükü.
Göltürkbükü is very green, for example, there is the beautiful pine forests on the hills and mandarin trees further down.

Türkbükü is often called "little paradise"

Cozy place with seaside restaurants and harmonious environment - with celebrities and rich people from around the world !

Türkbükü, 22 km from Bodrum by car, is a haven for all those who wish to spend a quiet holiday or a quiet day far away from people crowds and noise in Bodrum. It takes only 20 minutes to the center of Bodrum with minibuses (dolmus).

Because of celebrities and very rich people, have prices gone high and quick up and this has made the villas/apartments a lot more expensive than elsewhere on the Bodrum peninsula.

The bridges of wood, which extends into the sea, used by hotels and restaurants, are used as swimming and sun spot throughout the day. With dusk beginning these bridges have a new shape in the form of restaurants and bars, where you set up tables and chairs, putting up lights and huge barrels, standing on the sandy beach, are ignited with fire.

We at Bodrumliving will shortly present attractive apartments and villas in this peaceful area!

Images from BodrumLover at Flickr