Yalikavak, 18 km from Bodrum city center is on the north western tip of the Bodrum peninsula, has grown in size in recent years, but is still very much a place where the locals welcome tourists with open arms. The permanent inhabitants of Yalikavak number is around 6 800 people.

Yalikavak is a small, picturesque fishing village that has not lost its calm, unhurried air or Turkish flavor despite the influx of any tourism that has affected most of the other cities. The combination of traditional charm with modern hotel amenities are Yalikavak favorite choice for many discerning visitors.

Yalikavak is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to Bodrum. The harbor is surrounded by restaurants and bars, and even though there are occasional disco bars, the general atmosphere is quiet, unhurried and relaxed. When approaching Yalikavak from Bodrum, one can not help but notice the stunning panoramic views of the Yalikavak Bay.

This fertile coastal region is ideal for sailing and all water sports, attracts many foreign yachts to the marina and the old harbor that once sheltered mainly fishing boats.

A very popular option - traditional charm - also active during winter !

Yalikavak is a relatively pedestrian center with a mix of modern and old restored buildings where bars, restaurants and hotels.

The area is aimed at middle market or cost-conscious tourists and the families and individuals who want a quiet and relaxed vacation with more than just the hotel to entertain them.

There are a variety of pensions and hotels that offer a full range of facilities.
Most of the higher rated hotels tend to be a bit out of the city, and offers a wide range of sports activities.

The main beach in Yalikavak is long and narrow and there are a few restaurants. It's easy to sit back and not worry about where your next drink or meal comes from! Yalikavak beach is never crowded and you will not feel squeezed among loungers. Yalikavak is said to always be a little cooler in the summer than other parts of the region because of the mild offshore winds.

Yalikavak still supports a thriving fishing industry and restaurants around the picturesque harbor display a wide variety of fresh fish every day. The city is known for its excellent seafood restaurants.

Just a few minutes walk along the coast from the center of Yalikvak is the new marina. The marina is home to many large yachts and is visited by boats from around the world over the summer. It has elegant shops and several restaurants and cafes, as well as an amphitheater for outdoor concerts and fashion shows during the summer months.

Yalikavak properties are popular, partly because of the spectacular sea views. Yalikavak has a relaxed atmosphere with apartments and villas set in beautiful green surroundings.
There are some very good buys at present, really affordable pricing !

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