• Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Great Yachting and Marinas at Bodrum
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Golf around Bodrum
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula
  • Villas and apartments on Bodrum peninsula

Why buy on the Bodrum Peninsula ?

The thing that sets Bodrum area before other Turkish holiday destinations is its architecture. Turkey is rich in cities with attractive old quarter, but few retain their traditional urban structure as intact as Bodrum peninsula. We owe a 1970 law that declared the whole area a historic preservation/cultural zone, forbidden to construct buildings of more than two and a half floors and it must be stated that new construction should harmonize with the traditional environment. Much of the land is protected and unavailable for construction.

Bodrum area offers great opportunities for smart investors. Property prices in Bodrum will rise due to the opening of new golf courses. Golfers around the world have traditionally been an important factor in the value of property, and golf courses on the Bodrum Peninsula are no exception. With the advent of new golf courses, construction of new marinas in the area and other renovation projects in progress, rising real estate prices in Bodrum, but still represents a great value for money compared to other Mediterranean countries such as Spain, France and Italy. The prices will eventually rise to compete with Spain's Mallorca and France's Saint Tropez regions, according to property experts. The increase in property prices is expected to continue until it reaches the level of competing countries.

With its whitewashed houses and chic nightlife Bodrum attracts those seeking advanced property at affordable prices. An increased interest in the area makes it perhaps needs to act now. By investing in Bodrum property now, investors can ensure themselves a healthy return in the coming years. Bodrum is located near three of Turkey's major airports - Izmir, Dalaman and Bodrum.

Bodrum town is famous for its restaurants, yacht marina, shopping, party atmosphere and bohemian lifestyle, but around the peninsula various towns and villages has something different to offer. Secluded coves, golf, nature, nature reserves, historic sites, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding and fertile valleys exist. Bodrum is undoubtedly one of the most attractive regions for those with retirement in mind. Rural areas are beautifully bedecked with olive groves and whitewashed houses. Most investors buy in the towns and villages along the Bodrum peninsula. Known as Turkey's "St. Tropez" is an area of natural beauty with famous monuments such as Bodrum Castle which houses treasures from ancient shipwrecks in its museums and landmarks full of historic treasures spanning 10,000 year, including the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, who was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Bodrum itself is one of the most sophisticated places in Turkey. Originally a small fishing town, the town has spread out from its historic center, while still retaining its atmosphere with a long promenade, inside the cramped quarters or along the long promenade and that has much to offer in terms of bars, restaurants and nice, upscale boats.

Bodrum is a place that if you once visited, will return to and visitors dream of owning a property here. A typical Bodrum property is made of stone with flat roofs, usually two stories high, with inner courtyards. New properties are often built based on the old style, but once inside, there are all the requirements placed on a modern home.

With so much to offer you in search for the perfect holiday in the sun, the vitality of the Bodrum peninsula's beauty with its many beaches, you will find surely your ideal accommodation in Bodrum. Discussions with airlines to start with more flights to Bodrum airport, makes this a very exciting time. In addition to being a perfect destination for your vacation home, the property also offers excellent rental potential. Tourist power continues to rise each year, plus many homes on the Bodrum peninsula will be of interest to the Turkish people, anxious to escape the urban heat during the summer months.

We work together with investors, trusted builders, and other players and in some cases by local Turkish broker. We are able to negotiate for you the best deals, making it possible for us to give you the best item from an expanding market.

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